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Long time no see!

Well it looks like I am not the only one who has been MIA here at LJ. Sorry I haven't updated Ava's Story, things have been a bit hectic the past few weeks. Summer is over *sniff* and my son has begun his first year of high school. Time is really passing too fast for me.

Last time I posted, I had purchased a new graphic card and all was well. Not so much. To make a long story short, the new card was blue scrrening like the old one. After much troubleshooting and to no avail, I was informed that I most likely got a bum card and to exchange it. So I did that and this one is doing the same thing. I surrender and am going to take my computer in to have a Geek figure it out. I quit! LOL

I do have a very short updated hidden away just in case this computer issue takes much longer. We shall see. Hopefully I can wrap up the dreaded University years before I lose my mind. Uni is awful to play all the way out. Then I can get on with the actual "legacy" and give this poor sim a life. She wants a wedding for goodness sake! :D

I hope you are all having fun and hope to see some updates from you.
In the meantime, are you ready for tonights Season Finale of True Blood? I know I am.

Now why is this so HAWT?
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Two new sims and their house.

Sorry for being scarce this past week and a half. End of summer has crept up on me and I have been trying to get all the projects we have put off doing done. Also I had to get a new graphics card. I will be sure to catch up on all your journal posts I have missed in my absence in the next day or two. Oh and I made a facebook and have found so many friends I haven't seen in years. I was pleasantly surprised. As for the Sims, I have made 2 new sims and a house for them.  I really made it for me but since I am not a sim...anyhoo, on to the pics.



Collapse )Thanks for looking!
I hope to have a fun legacy with these two.

Ava's Story will be updated sometime this week for sure.
Here's a preview pic

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What Frozen Treat Are You?

You Are a Popsicle
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